Ages 15-18 – Seniors

These classes are divided according to the students level of skill, ability and age. Classes start at 10.00am and finish at 3.15pm. During this time, each group will train in Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Commercial dance. These classes are then followed by a Stretch & Flex class or rehearsal class preparing the students for their forthcoming event or show. If this isn’t enough for them, then this age group also have a variety of weekday extra training classes in the above styles as well as Acrobatics.

It’s a busy time at Addict Dance Academy Youth, they will either be working on of the annual shows, competitions, or local performances and events. The dance calendar is always busy for these young dancers but it is with this attitude that they make considerable progress as well as grow in confidence.

Through class participation the students will develop substantial dance knowledge which installs independence and confidence in their own work. They will gain physical strength, co-ordination, better posture, dance quality, flexibility, muscle development, improved general health and well-being. In additional to all of this, from our experience they will develop lifelong friends.