Ages 3-5 – Pre-primary

These classes are called Pre-Primary, designed for children aged 3-5. Classes start at 9.30am – 11.00am. During this time, they will learn the foundations of ballet, tap and commercial dance, all of which are delivered in a fun and encouraging environment.

Through class participation the children will develop many skills such as co-ordination, gross and fine motor-skills, body awareness, posture, rhythm, musicality, basic dance vocabulary, expression, story-telling, interpretation, listening skills and of course class discipline.

Classes are very animated in approach, using materials, objects, instruments, story books and much more to ensure the children’s learning is exciting, colourful and varied.

Our young dancers also have the opportunity to take part in our annual shows whereby they will experience what it is like to perform in a real theatre to a live audience, which is really a magical time for both the children and the parents.